Elizabeth Hartman: Preppy the Whale

This adorable pattern by Elizabeth Hartman includes all of the instructions necessary to create a Preppy the Whale quilt in a mini quilt, child quilt or picnic quilt size. Fabric requirements are listed in the listing images.

*Yardages are based on fabric at least 42" wide, except for the Child Quilt, which should be at least 42" wide. You will also need a fabric marking tool.

Each quilt includes one black whale, one white whale, and two or more colorful whales. The back fabric is used to make the eyes and mouth on all of the whales except the black whale. White fabric is used to make the eye and mouth on the black whale.

The "black" and "white" fabrics don't have to be true black or white. A light gray, or even a very pale pink can be used instead of white and a dark charcoal or indigo can be used instead of black. The key is for one to be light and one to be dark. Choosing a medium gray, denim, or linen tone for the background will help to keep things balanced.

Because each one is made up of several pieces, the whales will look best made with solids or prints that are smaller, monochromatic, and/or non-directional. pre-cut 20" squares can be substituted for the fat 16ths.

Price: $ 12.00 $ 7.20

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