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DuckaDoodle - Ships every 2 months


DuckaDoodle - A New Block of the Month!

A blank piece of paper and some time to kill - let’s draw a square! 

Ooooh, that looks nice, how about one above it, and maybe two to the left?

And then a Sawtooth Block, and some vertical stripes. 

Square, square, square….rectangle!

Get some Flying Geese in here, but where are they going?

We’ll start big in the center, and get smaller as we work our way out! 

OR, we’ll start lighter at the edges, and get darker in the middle! 


Let’s keep doodling, and see what we create!

We are proud to present DuckaDoodle, our newest Block of the Month Quilt!  DuckaDoodle began as just that, a doodle.  A chance to explore shapes, angles, fabrics, and techniques in a structurally unstructured way.  As we move seamlessly (get it?) from piecing to FPP to appliqué, you’ll find that while you’re doodling about, you’ll have made a geometric marvel, a classic sampler and a modern medallion all in one. 

At the heart of your DuckaDoodle Quilt are the fabrics you’ll be using - a carefully chosen palette of pinks, periwinkles, aquas and teals, all in gorgeous Liberty Tana Lawn. They will be the through-line as you explore each month's block, tying your quilt top together in a gorgeous Liberty-stravaganza!

Come Doodle with us!

*Please note, this is a recurring charge. 

 BOM Details
• 16-month BOM
• Final quilt top dimensions: 98" x 98"

Sewing Level:
DuckaDoodle is suitable for all level! While it may look complex, each block is easily composed using a combination of basic piecing, FPP, and simple applique. 

• US boxes are eligible for free shipping
• International Shipping is calculated at checkout.

What you will receive in your monthly boxes:

  • All the fabrics needed to complete two months worth of DuckaDoodle blocks
  • (1) Pack Carol Doakes Foundation Paper (Month 1 Shipment Only)
* At the end of the 16 month BOM, you will have all the materials needed for your complete quilt top.*


General instructions will be provided by PDF, which will be emailed when the first box has been sent. Additional monthly instructions will be sent each month via PDF. We will also send the needed FPP templates for that month's blocks via PDF, for printing at home. 

Shipment Times
We will begin shipping Every 2 Months boxes in early July. We will send out assigned shipping times in late May with your exact shipment date. Depending on the number of signups, we may have several shipment dates. If you will be doing this BOM with friends and would like the same shipment dates, please leave us a note at checkout or contact us with your group request.

DuckaDoodle FAQs 
• When you sign up for the BOM, you will immediately be charged for the first month. 
• Your first box will ship during the second month of the BOM and will continue to ship on "even" months (months 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16).
• Once you have signed up, you will not be charged again until the third month of the BOM. Charges occur on odd months (months 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15) for a total of 8 charges.
• Your subscription can be cancelled at any time. 
• Participants will receive a one-time 20% off DuckaDilly coupon code after completing the 16-month BOM (discount codes will be emailed with the final shipment). This discount code can be used for backing, binding fabrics, or any other sewing needs.

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