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Watermelon Mixed Print Shirt

Sometimes the very best approach to a garment is to mix up prints within the same color family, or even different colorings of the same print. It's a very simple way to add interest to an otherwise ordinary garment.

When DuckaDilly released their three print Watermelon collection, which features the same pastel greens, pinks, and aquas in Betsy, Claire-Aude, and Wiltshire, I knew straight away that I had to make a shirt featuring all three of the prints. I chose to use my go to pattern, which was drafted from my favorite ready-to-wear shirt several years back.

Because all three prints feature very similar coloring, there was no worry of misplacing a print or clashing. All the prints are featured rather randomly. Betsy was used for the sleeve cuffs and tower plackets, the button placket, collar, and the back. I’ve used Claire-Aude on one side of the shirt front, a sleeve, and the back yoke. And finally, Wiltshire is featured on the opposing front side and sleeve.

From a distance, you can’t really tell that the prints are mixed. But if you get close
enough, you are delighted by the different but coordinating fabrics.

While any of the Watermelon prints work well on their own (like my Claire-Aude dress), these prints clearly go so well together. The team at DuckaDilly have a really great eye for color. In fact, any time they come out with a new collection of exclusives, I am immediately taken back by how perfectly everything is colored. So whether you love to sew clothes or quilts or bags or any other thing, I would tell you to dive into print mixing! When you have such a perfectly cohesive collection, mixing the prints really doesn’t require much thought on the part of the maker.

If you find other prints that you love, it's easy to mix those as well. As I mentioned at the beginning of my post, another simple method is to use iterations of the same print–just try to find a common color or two, and they should pair beautifully. If you have a mix of prints, again, look for a common color or colors within the same family and you will find mixing prints is a breeze. If you have some common color among them, you can totally mix in some contrasting prints for a great pop.

Do you have favorite Liberty fabrics that you have paired together? Have you used any of the Watermelon prints in your projects! 

Do comment and tell us about them below!

Olivia Jane Handcrafted